SIP.02: Calibrate the State Connector’s performance and security

Type Songbird Improvement Proposal
Author Flare Foundation
Created 14-Feb-2024
Document Status Final
Majority Condition 50% (required) 99.94 % (obtained)
Voting Outcome Accepted on 5-Mar-2024

1. Brief Description

The Flare Foundation will implement code changes in the State Connector attestation provider code base that:

  • Strengthen the security and stability of the State Connector protocol
  • Simplify the on-chain and off-chain interactions with the State Connector by using request and response encodings that align with the Solidity Contract ABI Specification
  • Simplify the existing attestation types, which in turn will result in simplified interaction with the FAssets system
  • Add two new attestation types: AddressValidity and EVMTransaction

If this proposal is accepted, the above changes will be executed, which are described in more detail in the Songbird State Connector protocol repository.

These are the repository branches containing the code changes to be deployed:

3. Proposed Implementation Date Range

Deployment of the new attestation provider code on the Songbird network is expected to start shortly after the voting finishes and be completed quickly.

4. Voting Details

To be accepted, the proposal requires a simple majority of votes in favor of it.

5. Deadline for Voting

  • Notice period: 20-Feb-2024 to 24-Feb-2024
  • Voting period: 27-Feb-2024 to 5-Mar-2024